Information About Your Chemistry Class
The one and only class rule
Don't make anyone unhappy.
That includes the teacher, your classmates, visitors, substitute teachers, or even yourself.
You are expected to read and follow the guidelines in the class syllabus!
Please click here for a copy of the syllabus.
You must bring your supplies with you to school and class every day!
NON-graphing calculator
Red pen, black/blue pen, and two pencils
Colored pencils or markers
Glue stick (NOT tape!!!)
Loose leaf, college ruled binder paper

See syllabus for suggested extra supplies
Extra help?
PLEASE always ask for help soon before you get too far behind!
I will do my best to be available at brunch most days of the week, as well as the second half of the lunch period several days a week. I am not available before school, and rarely after school. It is expected that you utilize the Access Periods to recieve extra help, make up exams or labs, ask questions you were unable to ask during class, etc.
What is an Interactive Notebook?
It is more than just a place to take notes!
Interactive notebooks are becoming more common especially in science classes. It is a way of recording new information (input) and processing it in a deeper, often creative way (output). They provide a way to process the information you just learned so it can better transition into long term memory. They also provide a more logical way of organizing your class materials. Plus, it is more fun than a normal three ring binder! :-) It might seem strange at first, but after a while you will wonder how you ever kept a normal notebook! Keep in mind, that if I did not see significant student success due to the notebooks I would not spend the time to do them! Take pride in your work and your notebook.
What's with the tickets?
Doing well means going beyond just the requirements...
Doing well in school, or in life means going above and beyond what is expected of you. At DVHS there is no extra credit allowed, so this is a fun way to encourage excellence. Tickets can be earned for doing a problem on the board, helping another student, coming in for help during Access Period, or doing an excellent job on an assignment. The tickets can be redeemed for various things including bathroom passes, late homework passes, fun prizes, sitting at a lab bench for lecture, etc.