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Beginning of First Semester
Pg. # Left Pages Pg. # Right Pages
x   ----   x   Intro to Notebook  
x   ----   1   All about me  
2   Safety Quiz
  3   Safety Contract  
4   Syllabus Processing Assignment   5   Syllabus Number Sheet
6   The Left Side   7   The Right Side  
8   Left vs Right Processing Activity   9   Extra Processing Techniques  
10   Interactive Notebook Scoring   11   Small Project Grading Rubric  
12   Your Reflection   13   Parent Reflection  
14   Costa's House   15   Cornell Note Template  
16   Unit intro page - Boxes   17   Unit #1 - Foundations in Chemistry  
18   Prior Knowledge Quiz   19   Prior Knowledge Booklet in Pocket  
20   a. Metric mania! (Top of page)
b. Metric Drawing (Bottom of page)
  21   CNs - Metric conversions  
22   a. Dimensional analysis WS
b. Jabberwocky Challenge Problem
  23   a. CNs (No Q's needed) - Dimensional Analysis
b. Conversion Factor Table Yellow Sheet
24   a. Dimensional analysis WS #2
b. Dimensional Analysis Quiz
  25   CNs (No Q's needed) - Dimensional Analysis of Double Units  
26   Matter Graphic Organizer
  27   a. Quick Matter Definitions
b. Classifying Matter Flow Chart
28   Unit intro page - Atomic Structure Timeline
  29   Unit #2 - Atomic Structure  
30   Atomic Structure Section Review Q's
Atomic Structure Book Reading
[Both in a pocket]
CNs - Atomic Structure Reading Guide [On Atomic Structure Book Reading and Gold Foil Experiment Notes]
32   a. Atomic Number WS
b. Extra Atomic Number Practice WS
c. Atomic Number Quiz
33   CNs - Atomic Number and Isotopes  
34   Where are those darn electrons???   35   CNs - Drawing Orbitals
Electron Cloud Model
Pictures of Electron Orbitals
a. Extra Electron Configuration Practice
b. The Important Thing...
37   a. CNs - Writing Electron Configuration
b. Electron Configuration Rules
38   Orbital Diagram Transparency   39   a. Class Practice of e- Configuration
b. The Diagonal Rule Chart
c. Orbital Diagram Notes
40   a. Electron Configuration Practice
b. Electron Configuration Quiz
41   Periodic Table Trick for e- Configuration
Electron Configuration Periodic Table
42   Top - Flame Test Demo Sheet
Bottom - e- Configuration Bingo Card
  43   CNs - Atomic Absorption and Emission  
44   Unit intro page - Researching a Topic   45   Unit #3 - Nuclear Chemistry  
46   a. Half Life Calculations WS
b. Extra Half Life Calculations
c. Extra Half Life Problems with Graphs
  47   CNs - Half Life  
48   Nuclear Particle Fold Up T 49   CNs- Nuclear Equations
b. Nuclear Chem Summary Table
50   a. Writing Nuclear Equations WS #1
b. Extra Nuclear Equations Practice
  51   CNs - Writing Nuclear Equations  
52   Pocket with the following in it:
1) Article about the Sun
2) Binder paper with notes from poster presenters
3) Reading Guide filled out
T 53   Half Life of Candium Lab T
54   Pocket with Half a 3x5 Index Card filled out with anything you want T 55   Benchmark #1 List of Study Topics  
56   Benchmark Review Work:
1) Review Worksheet from Substitute day
2) Benchmark Review Pictionary Quick Write

  57   Benchmark Practice Problems  
58   Benchmark #1 Work for Practice Test   59   Benchmark #1 Practice Test  
60   Tutorial Reflection (See page six of this packet)   61   Benchmark Correction Tutorial
(On this page you should have your four column notes and your content reflection at the top. See the packet for instructions)
62   Unit Intro Page - Your Own Periodic Table (Do it on the notebook paper, you don't need the handout printed unless you want to )
  63   Unit #4 - The Periodic Table  
64   Periodic Table Documentary Notes T 65   The Alien Periodic Table T
66   a. Periodic Table Groups (blank copy)
(picture of them actually colored in)
Understanding Periods and Groups
  67   CNs - The Structure of the Periodic Table
a) Scientist Pictures
b) Element Class Table
c) Mini Periodic Table
68   Periodic Table's Most Wanted T 69   Find Someone Who...
Who Am I?
70   Typed Lab Report - You should have the rubric for this. We will do this as a class someday when we can get to a set of computers on campus! T 71   Periodic Trends Lab Handout T
72   a. Periodic Trends WS #1
b. 15 things we can see on the periodic table.
c. Periodic Trends Quiz #1, #2, and Charge/Valence Electrons Quiz
  73   CNs (no questions needed)- Reactivity and Periodic Trends
Periodic Trends Note Taking Sheet
74   Mendeleev's Castle
Mendeleev's Clues - Don't need to have on the page
  75   Periodic Table Crossword Puzzle  
76   Periodic Trends War Game WS
Periodic Webquest (Probably not this year)
  77   Pocket with:
Periodic Trends WS #2

Periodic Trends WS #3
Periodic Table and Periodic Law Review
78   Unit Intro Page - Free Choice   79   Unit #5 - Molecules and Compounds  
80   Envelope with Ion Flash Cards   81   a. Transparency Sheet - ask Mrs. Farmer for one for your notebook
b. Common Ion Sheet - ask Mrs. Farmer to print you one on cardstock so it lasts longer
82   Pocket with Common Ion Quizzes and
  83   Pocket with Bonding and Naming Quizzes  
84   Type of Bonds Foldup   85   CNs - Intro to Types of Bonds  
86   Ionic Bonding WS   87   a. Naming Ionic Compounds Reading
b. Notes on Naming Ionic Compounds
88   a. Mnemonic for Prefixes
b. Naming Covalent Molecules WS
c. Naming Practice WS
  89   CNs - Naming Coalent Molecules  
90   a. Writing Neutral Compounds T-Charts
b. Writing Neutral Compounds WS
  91   a. CNs - Writing Neutral Compounds
b. Crossing Over Handout
92   Free Choice - See page 6 and 9 for ideas!   93   CNs - Bonding with a Classmate  
94   Ion Puzzle Pieces
(See Mrs. Farmer for puzzle pieces!!!)
  95   Ion Puzzle Handout  
96   Extra Practice Pocket:
Extra WS #1
Lewis Structure Extra Practice
Tutorial Worksheet
  97   Ion Card Game Instructions
Ion Card Game Score Sheet
98   Lewis Dot Structure Mega WS   99   a. CNs - Lewis Dot Diagrams
b. Lewis Diagram Yellow Sheet
100   A-Z Review Problems - Instructions
A-Z Review Problems Table
  101   A-Z Review Sheet  
102   Benchmark #2 Practice Problems   103   Benchmark #2 Study Topics  
104   Your Practice Problems   105   Benchmark #2 Student Created Practice Problems  
106   Unit Intro Page - One Pager Instructions
(Click Page Number for Example)
  107   Unit #6 - Balancing Equations and Types of Reactions  
108   Snowman Balancing   109   Balancing Equations Tutorial Packet
Tutorial Packet Instructions
110   Pocket with balancing equations practice:
WS #1 With U-Turn Symbol
WS #1, #2, #3, #4
Balancing Equations Mega WS - Answer Key
Practice Test
  111   a. CNs - Balancing Equations
b. Practice Problems
c. Cardinal Rules of Balancing Equations
112   T-Charts for two problems from p.113   113   Balancing Word Equations  
114   Types of Rxns WS
  115   a. CNs - Types of Rxns (ppt) (note sheet)
b. Types of Rxns Flow Chart
116   Free Choice on Predicting Products   117   Predicting Products Practice WS 1
Prediciting Products Practice WS 2
Rindercella and Types of Reactions
118   Your Study Evidence Packet
On this page the only thing you need to put is the pale pink instruction/grading sheet. You will turn in the hot pink stamp sheet stapled to the front of your packet.
Stamp Sheet
Study Topics and Skill List - Filled Out
  119   Mrs. Farmer's Review Questions  
Beginning of Second Semester
120   Reflection Table   121   Second Semester Divider  
122   Work for p. 121   123   Most missed problems from the final  
124   Signs of a Reaction and Conservation of Matter Follow Up Questions   125   CNs - Chemistry in a Ziploc Lab Booklet  
126   Precipitation Lab Follow Up Questions   127   Solubility Rules and PPT Lab  
128   One Pager   129   Unit #7 - Stoichiometry  
130   Molar Mass WS
Molar Mass Quiz
  131   CNs - The Mole and Molar Mass  
132   Molar Conversion WS   133   CNs - Moles and Mass
and Moles and Molecules
134   Prelab   135   Molar Conversion Lab  
136   "Fun" Molar Conversion Problems   137   Moles of Gasoline Challenge Problem  
138   Challenging Molar Conversion Problems   139   CNs - Self Created Notes on Molar Conversions  
140   Molar Conversion Practice Mega WS   141   Mole Race WS  
142   Free Choice Page - Molar Conversions   143   Chewing Gum Lab  
144   Mole Ratio WS   145   CNs -The Mole Ratio  
146   Stoich WS #1   147   The Mole Highway  
148   a. Stoich WS #3
b. Stoich Quiz
  149   Stoich WS #2  
150   Web Assignment   151   Mixed Stoichiometry Practice
Cover of Brochure
152   Stoichiometry Lab - Data and Post Lab Questions (pages 3-4)   153   Stoichiometry Lab - Background and Prelab Questions (pages 1-2)  
154   Benchmark Practice Test   155   Benchmark Topics and Skills  
156   Gas Law Tool Box
Ideas - index cards with gas laws, demos, example problems, units, pressure conversions, etc...
  157   Unit #8 - Gases  
158   What is Pressure WS   159   a. CNs - What is pressure? -
PowerPoint Version, PDF Version
b. Units of Pressure Table
160   KMT Pictions   161   CNs - KMT Theory and Ideal Gases  
162   Gas Law Pentagon   163   Gas Law Table  
164   Equation Diagraming   165   Gas Law Equations and Problem Matching  
166   Mixed Gas Law Pamphlet   167   How to do Gas Law Problems  
168   3 clock questions about the lab (see p. 6)   169   Design a Gas Law Experiment  
170   Absolute Zero Reading Article   171   Absolute Zero Movie Notes  
172   Ideal Gas Law WS   173   CNs - The Ideal Gas Law ppt
Ideal Gas Law Note Problems
Ideal Gas Law Solved Problems
174   Free Choice Processing   175   Alka Seltzer and the Ideal Gas Law Lab  
176   Real Life Gas Law Scenarios   177   Online Gas Law Practice Packet  
178   Work for Document Camera Quiz   179   Multiple Choice Gas Law Document Camera Quiz (See Mrs. Farmer for a copy)  
180   Pocket with Review of Your Choice
Large Heating Curve Packet - please note they use slightly different values than we do so their answers are a little different! Thats ok!
Heating Curve Concept WS
  181   Unit #9 - Thermochemistry and Kinetics  
182   Fold up - your design on the important things from p. 183 notes   183   CNs - Intro to Thermochemistry  
184   Thermochemistry Vocabulary Activity   185   Thermochemistry Vocabulary  
186   Specific Heat WS #1
  187   a. CNs - Specific Heat
b. Table of Specific Heats
188   Specific Heat WS #2
  189   Specific Heat Reading  
190   Specific Heat Lab Calculations
Design your own specific heat problems
Lab Questions
  191   Specific Heat of Brass Lab  
192   Graph for Heating Curve Diagram Lab
Student Sample Data
  193   Heating Curve Diagram Lab  
194   Heating Curve of Water   195   CNs - Heating Curves
Heating Curve Section Definitions
196   Heating Curve Calculations WS #1
Heating Curve Calculation WS #2
  197   Heating Curve Calculation Notes
Notes Filled Out
198   Fold-up of Reaction Diagram Inside Outside
Venn Diagram Kinetics vs. Thermo
  199   CNs - Thermo vs. Kinetics
200   6 Boxes on Rate Affecting Factors   201   CNs - Rate Affecting Factors  
202   Pocket with Review of Your Choice
Molarity, ppm, % Concentration
  203   Unit #10 - Solutions and Concentration  
204   Solutions WS   205   CNs - Solutions -(Glue paper down and take notes next to the paper)  
206   Concentration WS #1
  207   CNs - Concentration Calculations
208   Concentration WS #3   209   Concentration WS #2  
210   Review Questions for Benchmark #3 (Thermo, Kinetics, Solutions)   211   Review Topics for Benchmark #3 (Thermo, Kinetics, Solutions)
Socrative Questions
212   Pocket with Review of Your Choice   213   Unit #11 - Acids and Bases and Final Exam Review  
214   Acid-Base Household Research Q's
  215   CNs - Intro to Acids and Bases  
216   Accidentally blank!!! Dont worry about it!   217   Accidentally blank!!! Dont worry about it!  
218   pH Calculations Chart
pH Calculations Slip
  219   CNs - pH Calculations
220   pH WS #2 - FIND YOUR OWN WORKSHEET ONLINE! Or you can do practice problems from a textbook.   221   pH WS #1  
222   Free Choice - MUST BE SOME KIND OF POEM! Include artwork with your poem.
You can leave this page blank
  223   Cabbage Lab You can leave this page blank  
224   Review for Final Exam - Two Minute Review   225   Review for Final Exam - Topic List
Topic List Filled Out
226   Review for Final Exam - Bluff-o-Rama Game Binder Paper   227   Review for Final Exam - Bluff-o-Rama Questions  
228   Review for Final Exam - Notecard Building Page   229   Review for Final Exam - Practice Problems  
230   Work for Practice Test   231   Practice Test  
232       233