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Notebook Contents from Last Year: 2013-2014
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Beginning of First Semester
Pg. # Left Pages Pg. # Right Pages
x   ---- x   Intro to Notebook
x   ---- x   All about me
x   DVHS Chemistry Course Outline 1   Chemistry Is...
2   a. Syllabus Processing Assignment
b. Syllabus Cheat Sheet Sticker
3   a. Notes on Safety Video
b. Safety Contract
4   The Left Side 5   The Right Side
6   Left vs Right Processing Activity 7   Extra Processing Techniques
8   Interactive Notebook Scoring 9   Small Project Grading Rubric
10   Costa's House 11   KCQ Note Template
12   Unit #C0 - Foundations in Chemistry
Unit intro page - Boxes
13   Pocket for Exit Tickets and Quizzes
14   a. Find your own practice from the resources tab or Google - put in proof that you did something! Either show your work, print the quiz resutls, etc. Should be on the prior knowledge topics.
b. Prior Knowledge Practice Problems
15   Prior Knowledge Quiz
16   Too big...too small...Just Right! (Scientific Notation Practice Worksheet) 17   KCQ - Mini Review - Scientific Notation and Metric System
18   a. Metric Staircase
b. Metric Mania
19   KCQ - Metric Conversions
20   a. I'm not Dense About Density!
b. Denisty Lab - Tootsie Rolls, Pennies, and Blocks, Oh My!
21   KCQ - Mini Review Density
22   Dimensional Analysis Practice 23   a. KCQ - Mini Review - Dimensional Analysis
b. Conversion Table
24   Double Unit Dimensional Analysis WS 25   Double Unit Conversion - not KCQ
26   The Jabberwocky Challenge Problem 27   Dimensional Analysis White Board Q's
28   a. Prelab - Worksheet for bottom of prelab
b. Chemical or Physical Lab Handout
29   a. Phases and Changes Summary Sheet
b. KCQ - Phases and Changes
30   Unit #C1 - Atomic Structure
Unit intro page - Boxes
31   Pocket for Exit Tickets and Quizzes
32   a. Atomic Number WS
b. Extra Atomic Number Practice WS
33   KCQ - Parts of the atom, Atomic Number and Isotopes
34   Where are those darn electrons??? 35   Drawing Orbitals
Electron Cloud Model
Pictures of Electron Orbitals
Extra Electron Configuration Practice
37   a. KCQ - Writing Electron Configuration
b. Electron Configuration Rules
38   Orbital Diagram Transparency 39   a. Class Practice of e- Configuration
b. The Diagonal Rule Chart
c. Orbital Diagram Notes
40   Electron Configuration Practice 41   Periodic Table Trick for e- Configuration
Electron Configuration Periodic Table
42   Electron Configuration of Ions Practice 43   KCQ - Electron Configuration of Ions
44   Flame Test Lab 45   KCQ - Atomic Absorption and Emission
46   30 min Review from Resources Tab (Pick whatever topic(s) you need most! 47   Benchmark Topic Ranking
48   Work for Benchmark Review Q's (Show it just like you do for quizzes - EVERY single problem needs something shown or explained!) 49   Benchmark Review Q's
50   Work for Practice Quiz (Show it just like you do for quizzes - EVERY single problem needs something shown or explained!) 51   Practice Quiz
52   Unit #C2 - Nuclear Chemistry
Unit intro page - Boxes
53   Pocket for Exit Tickets and Quizzes
54   Free choice! Needs to be 15 SOLID minutes of work. See p. 7 for some ideas. Show me what you are capable of! 55   KCQ - Nuclear Particles Reading (marked up!)
56   a. Writing Nuclear Equations WS #1
b. Extra Nuclear Equations Practice
57   KCQ - Nuclear Chemistry and Equations
b. Nuclear Chem Summary Table
c. Nuclear Equation Generic Table
58   Half Life Calculations WS 59   KCQ - Half Life
60   Extra Half Life Problems with Graphs 61   Extra Half Life Calculations
62   Researching a Topic 63   Half Life of Candium Lab
64   Pocket with --- Typed Argumentative Paragraph --- Organizer --- Example 65   TED Debate Note Taking Template
66   Unit #C3 - Periodic Table
Unit intro page - Boxes
67   Pocket for Exit Tickets and Quizzes
68   Periodic Table Documentary Notes 69   The Alien Periodic Table
70   a. Periodic Table Groups (blank copy)
(picture of them actually colored in)
Understanding Periods and Groups
71   KCQs - The Structure of the Periodic Table
a) Scientist Pictures
b) Element Class Table
c) Mini Periodic Table
72   Periodic Table's Most Wanted 73   Find Someone Who...
Who Am I?
74   Pocket with the following:
Periodic Trends WS #1, Periodic Trends WS #2
Periodic Trends WS #3, Periodic Table and Periodic Law Review
On the front of the pocket:
15 things we can see on the periodic table.

75   KCQs - Periodic Trends
76   Periodic Trends Mini Lab - PRELAB 77   Periodic Trends Lab Handout
78   Free Choice - Three mini choices - one for Periodic Table Structure, one for Periodic Trends, and one for Reactivity. 79   KCQs - Reactivity
80   Six Box Review 81   A to Z Review
82   Work for Benchmark Review Problems 83   Benchmark Review Problems
84   Unit #C4 - Molecules and Compounds
Unit intro page - Boxes
85   Pocket for Exit Tickets and Quizzes
86   Envelope with Ion Flash Cards 87   Common Ion Sheet - Use your transparency Sheet to help you study your ions!
88   Type of Bonds Foldup 89   KCQ - Add To It Notes - Intro to Bonding
Part One
Part Two
90   Ionic Bonding WS 91   a. Naming Ionic Compounds Reading
b. Notes on Naming Ionic Compounds
92   a. Naming Roundabout Activity - see end of p. 93 PowerPoint for how to set this up
b. Naming Covalent Molecules WS
c. Naming Practice WS
93   CNs - Naming Coalent Molecules
94   a. Writing Neutral Compounds T-Chart (only second page for p. 94)
b. Writing Neutral Compounds WS
95   a. CNs - Writing Neutral Compounds
b. Crossing over T-Chart (first page for notes)
96   Side by side comparison of ionic vs covalent 97   CNs - Bonding with a Classmate
98   Ion Puzzle Pieces
(See Mrs. Farmer for puzzle pieces!!!)
99   Ion Puzzle Handout
100   Extra Practice Pocket:
Extra WS #1

Lewis Structure Extra Practice
Tutorial Worksheet
101   Food Lable Activity - see Mrs. Farmer for set up
102   Lewis Dot Structure Mega WS 103   a. Pocket with KCQs - Lewis Dot Diagrams
See Mrs. Farmer for the notes
b. Lewis Diagram Green Sheet
104   Lewis Structure Review Worksheet 105   Naming Review Worksheet - Front, Back
106   Work for p. 107 Practice Test 107   Benchmark #3 Practice Test - See Mrs. Farmer for a copy
108   Unit #C5 - Intermolecular Forces (IMFs)
Unit intro page - Boxes
109   Pocket for Exit Tickets and Quizzes
110   IMF Cartoon Images 111   KCQ - Types of IMFs Handout
PowerPoint Part 1 and QR-Code-Website List
PowerPoint Part 2
112   IMF Pre-Lab Worksheet Questions 113   Properties Due to IMFs Handout
114   Post-Lab Questions Handout 115   IMF and Polarity Lab Handout
116   IMF Ranking and Sorting Worksheet 117   IMF and Polarity Sorting Activity
Handout and Cards
118   Fall Semester Final Review - Units #C0-C5
119   Pocket for Notecard
(Also holds Final Review Stamp Sheet)
120   Topic Brain Dump 121   Topic Sorting Activity Handout
122   Pre-Studying Practice Test Analysis 123   Pre-Studying Practice Test
124   Work for Practice Problems 125   Mrs. Farmer's Practice Problems
Chunk #1 --- Chunk #2 --- Chunk #3
126   Online Study Evidence 127   Problem Envelopes - See Mrs. Farmer for this assignment
128   Post-Studying Practice Test Analysis 129   Post-Studying Practice Test
132   Unit Intro Page - One Pager Instructions
(Click Page Number for Example)
133   Pocket with Quizzes and Practice Test
134   Snowman Balancing 135   a. KCQ - "Add To It Notes" - Balancing Eq.s
b. Cardinal Rules of Balancing Equations
c. Practice Problem
136   Pocket with "Mega Packet" Practice:
WS #1, #2, #3, #4
Balancing Equations Mega WS - Answer Key
137   WS #1 With U-Turn Symbol
138   T-Charts for two problems from p.113 139   Balancing Word Equations (formulas included)
Balancing Word Eq (only words given)
140   "What do you notice?" Quick Write -
Top of Page - BEFORE the lesson
Bottom of Page - AFTER the lesson
141   "What do you notice?" Posters -
Top of Page - BEFORE the lesson
Bottom of Page - AFTER the lesson
142   Types of Rxns WS 143   a. KCQ - "Add To It Notes" - Types of Rxns (ppt) (note sheet)
b. Types of Rxns Flow Chart
144   Prediciting Products Practice WS 2 145   Predicting Products Practice WS 1
Rindercella and Types of Reactions
146   Types of Rxns POST-lab Questions 147   Types of Reactions Lab
148   Unit #C7 - Stoichiometry
Unit Intro Page - One Pager Instructions
(Click Page Number for Example)
149   Pocket with Quizzes
150   Mole Highway Cards 151   The Mole Highway Puzzle (added to as we go through the chapter) (Final Version)
152   Molar Mass WS 153   KCQ - The Mole and Molar Mass
154   Molar Conversion WS 155   KCQ - Moles and Mass
and Moles and Molecules
156   Prelab 157   Molar Conversion Lab
158   Challenging Molar Conversion Problems 159   Moles of Gasoline Challenge Problem
160   "Fun" Molar Conversion Problems 161   Mole Race WS
162   Molar Conversion Practice Mega WS 163   Chewing Gum Lab
164   Mole Ratio WS 165   KCQs -The Mole Ratio
166   Mass to Mass Stoich WS #1 167   Guided Stoich Practice
168   Stoich WS #2
169   Mixed Stoichiometry Practice
Cover of Worksheet - mole highway pictures
170   Stoichiometry Lab - Data Table
171   Stoichiometry Lab - Prelab
Stoichiometry Lab - Prelab Calculations
Stoichiometry Lab - Lab Procedure
172   Stoich Volcano Lab - Calculation Sheet 173   Stoich Volcano Lab - Data Table
174   Practice Test Corrections 175   Benchmark Practice Test
176   Work for p. 177 practice problems including evidence of studying. 177   Benchmark Review Practice Problems
178   Unit #C8 - Thermochemistry
Unit Intro Page - One Pager Instructions
179   Pocket with Quizzes
180   Fold up - your design on the important things from p. 181 notes 181   KCQ - Intro to Thermochemistry
182   Thermochemistry Vocabulary Activity 183   Thermochemistry Vocabulary
184   Specific Heat WS #1 185   a. KCQ - Specific Heat
b. Table of Specific Heats
186   Specific Heat WS #2 187   Specific Heat Reading
188   Specific Heat Lab Calculations
Design your own specific heat problems
Lab Questions
189   Specific Heat of Brass Lab
190   Pocket with extra Specific Heat Practice
Worksheet #1 - Worksheet #2
191   Conceptual Specific Heat Worksheet
192   Graph for Heating Curve Diagram Lab
Student Sample Data
193   Heating Curve Diagram Lab
194   Heating Curve of Water 195   KCQ - Heating Curves
Heating Curve Section Definitions
196   Heating Curve Calculations WS #1
197   Heating Curve Calculation Notes
Notes Filled Out
198   Eight Practice Problems - Also two that you picked and made into longer problems and then solved. 199   Heating Curve Concept WS
200   Work for Bing-Bing-Toe if you run out of space on p. 201
Thermochemistry Review Questions
201   KCQ - Bing-Bing-Toe Questions #1-15
202   Unit #C9 - Kinetics
Unit Intro Page - One Pager Instructions
203   Pocket with Quizzes
This section of the notebook will not be the same for all class periods. Only 1st period will have this table of contents. Please see School Loop for all handouts/powerpoints etc. Periods 2-6 please see Mrs. Escobar for any absent work/materials
204   Venn Diagram
Copy Change Poem
205   KCQ - Thermo vs Kinetics
206   Reaction Diagram Symbol Chart 207   KCQ - Reaction Diagrams (Done in flippy format)
208   Rate Affecting Factors Pop-Up 209   KCQ - Rate Affecting Factors
210   Molarity Worksheet 211   KCQ - Concentration
212   Rate Affecting Factors Data Table and Post Lab Questions 213   Rate Affecting Factors Pre Lab
214   Rate Expression Worksheet 215   KCQ - Rate Expressions
216   Rate Expression Calculation Worksheet 217   KCQ - Rate Expression Calculations
218   Benchmark Review 219   Benchmark Review
220   Benchmark Review 221   Benchmark Review
End of Ms. Escobar teaching periods 2-6. Periods 1-3 can use the Table of Contents again. Periods 4-6, please contact Ms. Escobar through School Loop if you have questions about your table of contents
222   C10 One Pager 223   Pocket for Quizzes
224   Equilibrium Demo Notes and Paragraph 225   Intro to Equilibrium Notes
226   Le Chatelier's Principal WS 227   Equilibrium Problem Chart Notes
228   Le Chatelier's Principal WS #2 229   Equilibrium Shifting Chart Practice
230   Post Lab Questions 231   CO2 Equilibrium Lab
232   Final Review Topic List 233   Index Card Building Page
234   Poster Questions #1-24 235   Poster Questions #25-48
236   Work for Problem Set #1 237   Problem Set #1
238   Work for Problem Set #2 239   Problem Set #2
240   Work for Problem Set #3 241   Problem Set #3
242   Work for Problem Set #4 243   Problem Set #4
244   Work for Problem Set #5 245   Problem Set #5
246   Self Directed Review Evidence Topics #1-24 from p. 232 (1 hour worth) 247   Self Directed Review Evidence #25-43 from p. 232 (1 hour worth)