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Beginning of First Semester
Pg. # Left Pages Pg. # Right Pages
x   ---- 1   All about me
2   ---- 3   DVHS Chemistry Course Outline
4   a. Syllabus Processing Assignment
b. Syllabus Cheat Sheet Sticker
5   a. Notes on Safety Video
b. Safety Contract
6   The Left Side 7   The Right Side
8   Left vs Right Processing Activity 9   Extra Processing Techniques
10   Overview of Interactive Notebook Requirements 11   Small Project Grading Rubric
12   Costa's House 13   KCQ Note Template
14   Unit #C0 - Foundations in Chem Intro Page 15   Pocket for Quizzes
16   Matter Haikus and Pictures 17   KCQ - Matter and Mixtures Card Sort
18   a. Classifying Matter Pyramid andParagraph 19   Classifying Matter Flow Chart - Done in class, see a classmate to copy notes.
20   Physical and Chemical Changes WS 21   KCQ - Phases and Changes
22   Physical and Chemical Changes Lab Data and Data Analysis 23   TOP - Physical and Chemical Changes Prelab
BOTTOM - Chem/Phys Lab Instructions
24   Physical and Chemical Changes Post Lab Quiz 25   Physical and Chemical Changes Post Lab Questions
26   Scientific Notation WS 27   KCQ - Scientific Notation and the Metric System
28   Metric Mania 29   a. Metric Conversions
b. Metric Staircase and Metric Drawing
30   Metric Olympics Conversions 31   Metric Olympics
32   Density Lab and Practice Problems 33   KCQ - Density
34   a. Conversion Factor Table
b. Single Unit Dimensional Analysis WS
35   KCQ - Dimensional Analysis - Single Unit
36   Double Unit Dimensional Analysis WS 37   KCQ - Dimensional Analysis - Double Units
38   Jabberwocky Challenge Problem 39   Dimensional Analysis Speed Practice
40   Unit #C1 - Atomic Structure 41   Pocket for Quizzes
42   Clock Q#2 for each topic on the Visual Notes Strip (see p. 6 - you do Q#2 a total of 6 times) 43   Atomic Structure Visual Notes Strip, Reading, Instructions
44   Atomic Number Practice 45   KCQ - Atomic Number and Isotopes
46   Science Photo Project 47   Drawing Orbitals, Electron Cloud Model, Pictures of Orbitals
48   Electron Configuration Rule Summary Chart 49   a. KCQ - Writing Electron Configurations
b. Electron Configuration Rules
50   Orbital Diagram Chart 51   a. Electron Configuration Class Practice
b. Orbital Diagram Notes
52   Electron Configuration Practice 53   a. Periodic Table Trick for Electron Config.
b. Electron Configuration Periodic Table.
54   Full, Noble, and Ion Configuration Practice 55   KCQ - Electron Configuration of Ions and Noble Gas Configurations
56   Flame Test Lab (glued in but not finished) 57   a. KCQ - Atomic Absorption and Emission
b. Flame Test Prelab
58   30 min of Self Review from Resources Tab - Your topic(s) choice - make smart choices! 59   Benchmark Topic List
60   Work for Benchmark Review Q's (Show it just like you do for quizzes - EVERY single problem needs something shown or explained!) 61   Benchmark Review Questions
62   Work for Practice Quiz (Show it just like you do for quizzes - EVERY single problem needs something shown or explained!) 63   Practice Quiz
Mrs. Farmer probably gone on maternity leave from this point.
Refer to School Loop for homework, worksheets, etc.
You can use it as extra help, or the sub might use some of it, but please use School Loop.
64   Unit #C2 - Nuclear Chemistry 65   Pocket for Quizzes
66   Free choice! Needs to be 15 SOLID minutes of work. See p. 7 for some ideas. Show me what you are capable of! 67   KCQ - Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry
68   a. Writing Nuclear Equations WS #1
b. Extra Nuclear Equations Practice
69   KCQ - Writing Nuclear Equations
b. Nuclear Chem Summary Table
    Half Life Calculations WS     KCQ - Half Life
    Extra Half Life Problems with Graphs     Extra Half Life Calculations
    Researching a Topic     Half Life of Candium Lab
    Unit #C3 - Periodic Table     Pocket for Quizzes
    Periodic Table Documentary Notes     The Alien Periodic Table
    a. Periodic Table Groups (blank copy)
(picture of them actually colored in)
Understanding Periods and Groups
    KCQs - The Structure of the Periodic Table
a) Scientist Pictures
b) Element Class Table
c) Mini Periodic Table
    Periodic Table's Most Wanted     Find Someone Who...
Who Am I?
    Pocket with the following:
Periodic Trends WS #1, Periodic Trends WS #2
Periodic Trends WS #3, Periodic Table and Periodic Law Review
On the front of the pocket:
15 things we can see on the periodic table.

    KCQs - Periodic Trends
    Periodic Trends Mini Lab - PRELAB     Periodic Trends Lab Handout
    Free Choice - Three mini choices - one for Periodic Table Structure, one for Periodic Trends, and one for Reactivity.     KCQs - Reactivity
    Six Box Review     A to Z Review
    Work for Benchmark Review Problems     Benchmark Review Problems
    Unit #C4 - Molecules and Compounds Unit Intro Page
    Pocket for Quizzes
    Envelope with Ion Flash Cards     Common Ion Sheet - Use your transparency Sheet to help you study your ions!
    Type of Bonds Foldup     KCQ - Add To It Notes - Intro to Bonding
Part One
Part Two
    Ionic Bonding WS     a. Naming Ionic Compounds Reading
b. Notes on Naming Ionic Compounds
    a. Naming Roundabout Activity - see end of p. 93 PowerPoint for how to set this up
b. Naming Covalent Molecules WS
c. Naming Practice WS
    CNs - Naming Coalent Molecules
    a. Writing Neutral Compounds T-Chart (only second page)
b. Writing Neutral Compounds WS
    a. CNs - Writing Neutral Compounds
b. Crossing over T-Chart (first page for notes)
    Side by side comparison of ionic vs covalent     CNs - Bonding with a Classmate
    Ion Puzzle Pieces
(See Mrs. Farmer for puzzle pieces!!!)
    Ion Puzzle Handout
    Extra Practice Pocket:
Extra WS #1

Lewis Structure Extra Practice
Tutorial Worksheet
    Food Lable Activity - see Mrs. Farmer for set up
    Lewis Dot Structure Mega WS     a. Pocket with KCQs - Lewis Dot Diagrams
See Mrs. Farmer for the notes
b. Lewis Diagram Green Sheet
    Lewis Structure Review Worksheet     Naming Review Worksheet - Front, Back
    Work for p. 107 Practice Test     Benchmark #3 Practice Test - See Mrs. Farmer for a copy
    Unit #C5 - Intermolecular Forces (IMFs)
Unit intro page
    Pocket for Quizzes
    IMF Cartoon Images     KCQ - Types of IMFs Handout
PowerPoint Part 1 and QR-Code-Website List
PowerPoint Part 2
    IMF Pre-Lab Worksheet Questions     Properties Due to IMFs Handout
    Post-Lab Questions Handout     IMF and Polarity Lab Handout
    IMF Ranking and Sorting Worksheet     IMF and Polarity Sorting Activity
Handout and Cards
    Fall Semester Final Review - Topic List
    Index Card Building Page
    Topic Brain Dump     Topic Sorting Activity Handout
    Pre-Studying Practice Test Analysis     Pre-Studying Practice Test
    Work for Practice Problems     Mrs. Farmer's Practice Problems
Chunk #1 --- Chunk #2 --- Chunk #3
    Online Study Evidence     Problem Envelopes - See Mrs. Farmer for this assignment
    Post-Studying Practice Test Analysis     Post-Studying Practice Test
Second Semester Divider
    Unit #C6 - Balancing Equations and Types of Reactions Unit Intro Page     Pocket for Quizzes
    Snowman Balancing     a. KCQ - "Add To It Notes" - Balancing Eq.s
b. Cardinal Rules of Balancing Equations
c. Practice Problem
    Pocket with "Mega Packet" Practice:
WS #1, #2, #3, #4
Balancing Equations Mega WS - Answer Key
    WS #1 With U-Turn Symbol
    T-Charts for two problems from p.113     Balancing Word Equations (formulas included)
Balancing Word Eq (only words given)
    "What do you notice?" Quick Write -
Top of Page - BEFORE the lesson
Bottom of Page - AFTER the lesson
    "What do you notice?" Posters -
Top of Page - BEFORE the lesson
Bottom of Page - AFTER the lesson
    Types of Rxns WS     a. KCQ - "Add To It Notes" - Types of Rxns (ppt) (note sheet)
b. Types of Rxns Flow Chart
    Prediciting Products Practice WS 2     Predicting Products Practice WS 1
Rindercella and Types of Reactions
    Types of Rxns POST-lab Questions     Types of Reactions Lab
    Unit #C7 - Stoichiometry Unit Intro Page     Pocket for Quizzes
    Mole Highway Cards     The Mole Highway Puzzle (added to as we go through the chapter) (Final Version)
    Molar Mass WS     KCQ - The Mole and Molar Mass
    Molar Conversion WS     KCQ - Moles and Mass
and Moles and Molecules
    Prelab     Molar Conversion Lab
    Challenging Molar Conversion Problems     Moles of Gasoline Challenge Problem
    "Fun" Molar Conversion Problems     Mole Race WS
    Molar Conversion Practice Mega WS     Chewing Gum Lab
    Mole Ratio WS     KCQs -The Mole Ratio
    Mass to Mass Stoich WS #1     Guided Stoich Practice
    Stoich WS #2
    Mixed Stoichiometry Practice
Cover of Worksheet - mole highway pictures
    Stoichiometry Lab - Data Table
    Stoichiometry Lab - Prelab
Stoichiometry Lab - Prelab Calculations
Stoichiometry Lab - Lab Procedure
    Stoich Volcano Lab - Calculation Sheet     Stoich Volcano Lab - Data Table
    Practice Test Corrections     Benchmark Practice Test
    Work for p. 177 practice problems including evidence of studying.     Benchmark Review Practice Problems
    Unit #C8 - Thermochemistry Unit Intro Page     Pocket for Quizzes
    Fold up - your design on the important things from p. 181 notes     KCQ - Intro to Thermochemistry
    Thermochemistry Vocabulary Activity     Thermochemistry Vocabulary
    Specific Heat WS #1     a. KCQ - Specific Heat
b. Table of Specific Heats
    Specific Heat WS #2     Specific Heat Reading
    Specific Heat Lab Calculations
Design your own specific heat problems
Lab Questions
    Specific Heat of Brass Lab
    Pocket with extra Specific Heat Practice
Worksheet #1 - Worksheet #2
    Conceptual Specific Heat Worksheet
    Graph for Heating Curve Diagram Lab
Student Sample Data
    Heating Curve Diagram Lab
    Heating Curve of Water     KCQ - Heating Curves
Heating Curve Section Definitions
    Heating Curve Calculations WS #1
    Heating Curve Calculation Notes
Notes Filled Out
    Eight Practice Problems - Also two that you picked and made into longer problems and then solved.     Heating Curve Concept WS
    Work for Bing-Bing-Toe if you run out of space on p. 201
Thermochemistry Review Questions
    KCQ - Bing-Bing-Toe Questions #1-15
Mrs. Farmer hopefully back from maternity leave at this point!
    Unit #C9 - Kinetics Unit Intro Page     Pocket for Quizzes
    Unit #C10 - Equilibrium Unit Intro Page     Pocket for Quizzes
    Cumulative Final Review - Topic List     Index Card Building Page